Saturn Documentation

Unlike the Mega Drive, all Saturn manuals were provided as digital files as the primary means of distribution, and had a well-defined document ID scheme. These documents were often combined together into larger volumes, forming de-facto manuals such as the “Saturn Programming Manual Vol.1”, which were usually printed as physical hard-copies for use during development. Manuals are listed here in a separated form based on unique document IDs, rather than grouped into the larger traditional manuals, to make it easier to locate specific content. Almost all the manuals here come from original PDF versions provided through the Sega DTS CDs or website, however a few manuals have been scanned where digital versions have not been located. In the case of original PDF manuals, most of them had PDF document restrictions enabled preventing important functions like copy and paste and page extraction from working. This password is backed via a 40-bit RC4 hash, which has so far been unable to be bruteforced to retrieve the original password, however all the documents here have had the document restrictions removed using recovery tools, for which knowing the original password is not necessary in this case.

Most of the earlier manuals here used a document ID of the form “ST-NN-DDDDDD”, where “NN” is a two-digit document ID, and “DDDDDD” is a six digit date in “MMDDYY”, with some additional optional qualifiers possibly appearing before the date. As the Saturn document library expanded to include over 100 items, document IDs started using a three-digit number instead, however some documents prior to document 100 used a three digit number with a leading zero, and later revisions of some documents with an ID below 100 that previously didn’t have a leading zero had one added. This was done inconsistently. To standardize document IDs here and make them easier to work with, all document IDs have been expanded to use a three digit number here.

Overall System Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
1994-04-13 Introduction to Saturn Game Development Sega  
  Saturn Training Tutorial by Sega of Europe Sega Presentation slides from a Sega Saturn training course run by Sega of Europe. These slides were circulated on the DTS CDs for the Sega Saturn.
1994-05-19 Developer Technical Support Saturn Training - Ver 1.1 Sega Presentation slides from a Sega Saturn training course run by Sega of America, while the Sega Saturn was still under development, along with a small addendum on the 32X. The slides for the conference were made available on what was probably one of the first Sega DTS CDs, with the same date as the conference of 1994-05-19. They have been converted here from Lotus Freelance Graphics format into a PDF for easy viewing.
1996-04-20 Developer’s Documentation Volume 1 (Docs Only) (Japanese) - Release 1
[Original Japanese]
[English Translation 2019-09-02]
Sega This archive contains the significant content of the “Developer’s Documentation Volume 1” CD, made available to Japanese developers working with the Sega Saturn. All the documentation in this archive takes the form of local html files in Japanese. An English translation is also provided, however text context in images has not been translated, and there may be some formatting issues or broken html in places. The manual is comprehensive, and covers issues ranging from the low-level hardware, up to system libraries and game standards. This was the primary documentation made available to Japanese developers. Separated documents with individual ID numbers, such as was used for English-speaking regions, don’t appear to have been used in Japan for the Saturn, instead there were several versions of larger manuals provided. This is the first electronic version of the manual. A hosted mirror of the content is also provided online in the list of alternate versions.

Alternate VersionsHosted Mirror (Japanese)
Hosted Mirror (English)
ST-030-R1 Saturn Outline (Missing) Sega  
ST-155-062094 Saturn Introduction Manual Sega  
ST-103-R1-040194 Saturn Overview Manual (temporary version 1) Sega  
ST-013-R3-061694 VDP1 User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsVDP1 User’s Manual - [ST-013-R2-120693] (Missing)
ST-013-SP1-052794 VDP1 User’s Manual Supplement Sega  
ST-089 VDP1 Constraint Items (Missing) Sega  
ST-058-R2-060194 VDP2 User’s Manual - Ver 1.1 Sega  
ST-077-R2-052594 SCSP User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsSCSP User’s Manual - [ST-077-R1] (Missing)
ST-097-R5-072694 SCU User’s Manual - Third version Sega
Alternate VersionsSCU User’s Manual - [ST-097-R3-052594] (Missing)
ST-169-R1-072694 SMPC User’s Manual Sega  
ST-210-110194 SCU Final Specifications - Precautions (Version 1) Sega  
ST-040-R4-051795 Disc Format Standards Specification Sheet - Ver 1.0 Sega
Alternate VersionsSaturn CD System - [ST-040-R1] (Missing)
Disc Format Standards Specification Sheet - [ST-040-R2-062294] (Missing)
Disk Format Standards Manual - [ST-040-R3-011895] (Missing)
ST-202-R1-120994 Sega Saturn Dual CPU User’s Guide Sega  
  Developing PAL Compatible Software on the Sega Saturn Sega  
  Saturn Technical Bulletins Sega Saturn Technical Bulletin #1 - Saturn CD Drive Duty Ratio Restrictions
Saturn Technical Bulletin #2 - Preemphasis Prohibited
Saturn Technical Bulletin #3 - Information Regarding CD Burning
Saturn Technical Bulletin #4 - Saturn Software Development Standards
Saturn Technical Bulletin #5 - Error Checking for Data Errors
Saturn Technical Bulletin #6 - Saturn System Functions
Saturn Technical Bulletin #7 - Saturn Disc Format Specification Change
Saturn Technical Bulletin #8 - CD Communication Interface Update
Saturn Technical Bulletin #9 - Size Value for Saturn Memory Manager
Saturn Technical Bulletin #10 - SCU Specification Changes
Saturn Technical Bulletin #11 - Disc Format Standards Specification Revision
Saturn Technical Bulletin #12 - SCU DMA, Boot ROM, and VBlank Precautions
Saturn Technical Bulletin #13 - VRAM Bank Splitting
Saturn Technical Bulletin #14 - Use of VRAM for Bit Maps
Saturn Technical Bulletin #15 - VDP1 User’s Manual Correction
Saturn Technical Bulletin #16 - SCU DSP Instruction Clarification
Saturn Technical Bulletin #17 - Mission Stick Specifications
Saturn Technical Bulletin #18 - Limitation of Default Interrupt Processing Routine
Saturn Technical Bulletin #19 - GFS_Init Settings
Saturn Technical Bulletin #20 - Program Library User’s Guide 1 Corrections
Saturn Technical Bulletin #21 - GFS_Init and GFS_LoadDir Function Errors
Saturn Technical Bulletin #22 - VDP1 and VDP2 Resolution Specification Changes
Saturn Technical Bulletin #23 - VDP Interlace Settings
Saturn Technical Bulletin #24 - Changing VDP2 Screen Resolution
Saturn Technical Bulletin #25 - Palette Format Sprite Display
Saturn Technical Bulletin #26 - Obtaining CD Directory Information
Saturn Technical Bulletin #27 - Limitations in Monoral or Language Setting
Saturn Technical Bulletin #28 - Using Dual CPU’s on the Sega Saturn
Saturn Technical Bulletin #29 - Setting CD-DA Volume in Applications
Saturn Technical Bulletin #30 - Temporary Files Created When Building Disc Image
Saturn Technical Bulletin #31 - Changes in Area Symbols
Saturn Technical Bulletin #32 - Differences in Sega Saturn Hardware and Peripheral Color & Form Factor
Saturn Technical Bulletin #33 - Additional VDP2 Restrictions
Saturn Technical Bulletin #34 - Sega Saturn Mission Stick Application Manual
Saturn Technical Bulletin #35 - Change in the 1st Read File Load Area Size
Saturn Technical Bulletin #36 - Saturn Hardware Chip Initialization
Saturn Technical Bulletin #37 - VDP2 Specification Changes
Saturn Technical Bulletin #38 - Arcade Racer Application Manual
Saturn Technical Bulletin #39 - Supplemental Information on the SCU-DMA Transfer Byte Count
Saturn Technical Bulletin #40 - Additional Sega Saturn Compatible Peripheral ID Character Codes
Saturn Technical Bulletin #41 - Saturn Stunner & Virtua Gun User’s Manual Version 1.00
Saturn Technical Bulletin #42 (Preliminary) - Cautions on using SMPC
Saturn Technical Bulletin #43 (Preliminary) - Multi Controller User’s Manual Version 1.00
Saturn Technical Bulletin #44 (Preliminary) - Shuttle Mouse Data Format Version 1.00
Saturn Technical Bulletin #45 (Preliminary) - Saturn Keyboard Data Format Version 1.00
Saturn Technical Bulletin #46 (Preliminary) - Saturn Date Cartridge Manual Version 1.00
Saturn Technical Bulletin #47 (Preliminary) - Extended RAM cartridge Manual Version 1.02
Saturn Technical Bulletin #48 (Preliminary) - SEGASaturn Development Tool Segments
Saturn Technical Bulletin #51 (Preliminary) - Restrictions for the MC68EC000 Sound CPU and SCSP
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-1 - GFS Library Usage
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-2 - Casting VDP1 Shadows on VDP2 Backgrounds
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-3 - SEGA Saturn CD Door-Open Standard
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-4 - Saturn System Disks
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-5 - VCD Interface Board Installation
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-6 - VDP2 Cycle Pattern Registers
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-7 - Sprite Transparency
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-8 - Saturn SCU DSP Tutorial
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-9 - Saturn SCU DSP Programmer’s Reference
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-10 - Saturn SCU DSP Demonstration Program
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-11 - VDP2 Rotating Backgrounds
Saturn Technical Bulletin #SOA-12 - Security Codes in the IP.BIN File

Sega Basic Library (SBL) Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-162-062094 System Library User’s Guide Sega Note that despite the naming, the “ST-162-R1-092994” document is really a separate document from this one. After the table of contents in this version, a note is given stating that the leading sections of the manual have been archived, and can be located in “ST-162-R1-092994”. For this reason, the two documents are listed separately here despite sharing the same document ID. Things get more confusing though. This manual with ID “ST-162-062094” only still contains the “CD Communication Interface User’s Manual - Version 0.9” at this point, as mentioned directly in an update to this document in Tech Bulletin #8. It appears the document was given a new separate document number later though, with the (currently missing) “ST-162-B-R1-042795” manual apparently covering the same content.
ST-162-R1-092994 Saturn System Library User’s Guide - Ver 1.0 Sega  
ST-162-B-R1-042795 CD Communication Interface User’s Manual (Missing) Sega Note that this manual appears to be an updated version of the same content covered in “ST-162-062094”. This manual is described as follows: “This preliminary document covers CD block functions and the external specifications for the CD communications interface. The CD communications interface facilitates use of the CD block functions via a common software interface.”
ST-136-R2-093094 Program Library User’s Guide 1 - CD Library Sega
Alternate VersionsProgram Library User’s Guide 1 - [ST-136-R1] (Missing)
ST-157-R1-092994 Program Library User’s Guide 2 - Graphics Library Sega  
ST-135-R4-092295 Program Library User’s Guide 3 Sega
Alternate VersionsProgram Library User’s Guide 3 - [ST-135-R1-062094]
Program Library User’s Guide 3 - [ST-135-R3-012395] (Missing)
ST-136-D-R2-082495 Branching Playback Library User’s Manual Sega  
ST-199-092994 Backup Library User’s Manual (Missing) Sega  
ST-267-011296 Sega Basic Library 6.0 - ReadMe File Series (Missing) Sega  

Saturn Graphic Library (SGL) Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-238-R1-051795 SGL Developer’s Manual Reference Sega  
ST-237-R1-051795 SGL Developer’s Manual Tutorial Sega  
ST-239-SP1-092095 SGL Read Me Files - Program Library Information File Sega  
ST-DISK-010-A-092095 SGL Read Me Files - Program Library Description File Sega  

Saturn Cinepak Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-213-110994 Cinepak for Saturn User’s Manual (Missing) Sega  
ST-272-032296 Cinepak ReadMe Document Series (Missing) Sega  
ST-183-A-R1-090194 Evaluation Edition MovieToSaturn_J (Missing) Sega  
ST-183-B-R1-090194 Specifications for Cinepak Library Functions (Missing) Sega  
  Standard Cinepak Compression Technique Ver.1.00 (Missing) Sega  
   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-275-A-040496 Sega Saturn NetLink Adapter Specification (Missing) Sega  
ST-275-B-040496 Sega Saturn NetLink Adapter SMPC Reference (Missing) Sega  
ST-275-C-040406 Sega Saturn NetLink Adapter Restrictions (Missing) Sega  
ST-275-D-040496 Sega Saturn NetLink Adapter Communications Reference (Missing) Sega  
ST-275-E-040496 E39 MCU Parallel Host Interface Register (Missing) Sega  
ST-276-040596 AT Commands for RC288ACx and RC144ACx Modem Famalies (Missing) Sega  
ST-276-SP1-051396 Sega Saturn Modem AT Command List (Missing) Sega  
  XBAND Saturn Head-To-Head Game Library Sega  
  XBAND Saturn Multiplayer Game Library Sega  

Other Library Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-038-R1-121093 External Specification - Saturn CD Communication Interface Sega Note that unlike most other Saturn documentation, this file is a scan of a physical document, as a digital version has not yet been recovered.

Alternate VersionsSaturn CD Communication Interface Specification - [ST-038-R2] (Missing)
ST-039-R2-011094 External Specification - Saturn File System Library Sega Note that unlike most other Saturn documentation, this file is a scan of a physical document, as a digital version has not yet been recovered.
ST-098-031194 External Specification - Saturn Stream System Sega  

Hardware Tools Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-100-R1-A Virtual CD System User’s Manual (Missing) Sega  
ST-129-R2-093094 Virtual CD System User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsVirtual CD System User’s Manual - [ST-129-R1-062294] (Missing)
ST-129-R2-SP1-061995 Virtual CD Supplementary Manual Sega  
ST-182-081294 Virtual CD System (Release 3) Limitations Sega  
ST-091-R1-062794 Authoring Environment Guide Sega
Alternate VersionsAuthoring Environment Guide - [ST-091-062794] (Missing)
CART-08-030195 Saturn CartDev Rev. B Hardware Installation Guide Sega  
ST-254-A-110395 Sega Saturn Address Checker Operation Manual Sega  
ST-254-B-110395 Sega Saturn Address Checker Reference Manual Sega  
ST-193-091394 Sega Saturn Sound Box User’s Manual Sega  
ST-174-R2-090294 Sega Saturn Target Box User’s Manual Sega  
ST-201-B-092994 Write Once CD-R System User’s Manual Sega  
ST-207-101494 Saturn Readme File Sega  
ST-153-061794 Saturn ROM Emulator Installation Guide (Missing) Sega  

Software Tools Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
1994-04-20 Sound Tool Guide (Missing) Sega  
ST-101-031594 Sound Editor User’s Manual (Missing) Sega  
ST-161-R1-092994 Simple CD Simulator User’s Manual (Missing) Sega
Alternate VersionsSimple CD Simulator User’s Manual - [ST-161-062094] (Missing)
ST-250-R1-031296 Saturn Demo - Demo File Loader Specifications - Ver 1.20 Sega
Alternate VersionsSaturn Demo - Demo File Loader Specifications - Ver 1.11 [ST-250-091895]
ST-240-A-042795 SCU DSP Assembler User’s Manual Sega  
ST-240-A-SP1-052295 SCU DSP Assembler User’s Manual Addendum Sega  
ST-240-B-042795 SCU DSP Simulator User’s Manual Sega  
ST-240-B-SP1-052295 SCU DSP Simulator User’s Manual Addendum Sega  
ST-211-110494 CD Development Tool Description File Sega  
ST-125-R1-090894 Photoshop Plug In User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsPhotoshop Plug In User’s Manual - [ST-125-042594] (Missing)
ST-130-R1-090894 Simple Animator User’s Manual - Ver 2.0 Sega
Alternate VersionsSimple Animator User’s Manual - [ST-130-050394] (Missing)
ST-131-R1-090894 Simple Painter User’s Manual Sega  
ST-099-R1-042594 Wave Editor User’s Manual Sega  
ST-067-121593 SCSP Waveform Editor Technical Specifications Sega  
ST-068-R1-042594 Tone Editor User’s Manual Sega  
ST-235-030795 Tone Editor User’s Manual Addendum - File Format Sega  
ST-069-121693 SCSP & DSP Effect Module Specifications (Tentative) - Ver 1.0 Sega  
ST-070-R1-031094 DSP Linker User’s Manual Sega  
ST-228-R1-030596 dAsms User’s Manual Sega  
ST-227-R1-030595 Parameter Editor User’s Manual Sega  
ST-198-R1-121594 Saturn Sound Tools Manual Supplement Sega
Alternate VersionsSound Tool Guide Addendum - [ST-198-092694] (Missing)
ST-241-042795 Saturn Sound Driver Implementation Manual Sega  
ST-166-R4-012395 Saturn Sound Driver System Interface - Ver 3.03 Sega
Alternate VersionsSaturn Sound Driver System Interface - [ST-166-050494] (Missing)
Saturn Sound Driver System Interface - [ST-166-R2-091394] (Missing)
ST-066-121593 Standard MIDI File for Saturn - Converter Specification Sega  
ST-081-R5-062894 Saturn Sound Development Manual - Ver 1.1 Sega
Alternate VersionsSound Development Manual - [ST-081-R2-031094] (Missing)
ST-168-R3-011895 Saturn Sound Simulator Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsSaturn Sound Simulator Manual - [ST-168-R1-092694]
ST-065-R1-031494 Sound Programming Debugger User’s Manual - Rev 0.93 Sega  
ST-080-R2-050994 Microcomputing Developing Integrated Environment for Macintosh - Functions Specifications Vol 1 Sega
Alternate VersionsProgramming Tools - [ST-080-R1] (Missing)
ST-129-R2-SP2-082495 MPEG Stream Build Precautions Sega  
ST-124-R1-091394 Saturn & 32x Graphics References - Ver 2.0 Sega
Alternate VersionsGraphics Data Book - [ST-124-042594] (Missing)
ST-160-R1-092994 Sample Data User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsSample Data User’s Manual - [ST-160-062094] (Missing)
ST-159-R1-092994 Sample Game Program User’s Manual Sega  
ST-278-041296 Sega ADPCM Encoder - Version 1.00E Release Notes Sega  
ST-126-R1-091394 Sega Converter User’s Guide Sega
Alternate VersionsSEGA Converter User’s Manual - [ST-126-042594] (Missing)
ST-127-042594 Map Editor User’s Manual (Missing) Sega It is noted in the contents of the combined “Saturn Graphics Tools Manual” in the March 1996 DTS CD, under “DOCUMENT\SATURN\GRAPHICS.PDF” , that “Map Editor 32X User’s Manual (MAR-63-090894) replaces Map Editor User’s Manual (ST-127-042594)”. The newer version of the manual can be located in the 32X docs section.
ST-DISK-06-101794 Saturn SEGA SMP¥MAN Readme Sega  
ST-DISK-05-101794 Saturn SEGALIB¥MAN Readme Sega  
ST-DISK-010-B-R1-021396 SGL 2.0 ReadMe File Series (Missing) Sega  
SGT-DISK-102795 Saturn Graphics Tools ReadMe Sega  
ST-164-062794 Saturn Author User’s Manual Sega  
ST-019-R1-B-050994 SH2 Dynamic Load Linkage Editor Sega  
ST-209-110194 Saturn Software Library Sega  
ST-114-041294 Saturn Software Library Supplement (Missing) Sega  
ST-208-110194 Saturn Software Library - Release 3.01 Supplemental Disk Sega  
ST-214-111594 Saturn SMPC Sample Program (tentative title) User’s Manual - Ver 0.56 Sega  
ST-121-041594 Saturn Boot ROM Floppy Disk Information - Ver 0.8 Sega Note that unlike most other Saturn documentation, this file is a scan of a physical document, as a digital version has not yet been recovered.

Procedures, Standards, and Miscellaneous Documentation

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
ST-151-R4-020197 Sega Saturn Software Development Standards - SOA Ver 2.0 Sega
Alternate VersionsSega Saturn Software Development Standards - SOA Ver 1.0 [ST-151-R3-082295]
Sega Saturn Software Development Standards - SOA Ver 1.10 (10/18/94 version) [ST-151-R3-SB-102794] (Missing)
Sega Saturn Software Development Standards - [ST-151-R4-020596] (Missing)
ST-273-R1-040596 Sega Saturn Software Development Standards Vol 3 - Ver 1.00 (Missing) Sega  
ST-079B-R3-011895 Boot ROM User’s Manual Sega
Alternate VersionsBoot ROM User’s Manual - [ST-079B-R1-062294] (Missing)
ST-220-120994 Saturn Boot ROM System User’s Manual - Ver 1.0 (Missing) Sega  
ST-203-100494 Backup System Production Standard Sega  
ST-204-100794 Saturn Backup Data Name Registration Forms Sega  
ST-242-R2-010496 Sega Saturn Master CD-ROM Release Form Sega
Alternate VersionsSega Saturn Master CD-ROM Release Form - [ST-242-R1-092595]
ST-277-040596 Analog Joypad User’s Manual - Ver 0.60 Sega  
  Scene Interchange File Format 1.0 Sega  
1995-11-09 SGA3 IFF Sega 3D Format Draft Sega  

DTS Newsletters

These newsletters were distributed by the Developer Technical Support (DTS) department of Sega of America, from what appears to be at least 1993 up to 1997. They contained information on a wide variety of topics, from listing support contacts and available tools and documentation, to tips and solutions to common problems, advertising upcoming events, recapping recent events, and so on. These particular files were all recovered from the Sega DTS website where they had been made available. The volume numbers indicate that prior releases of this newsletter existed which were not made available in those archives, possibly because the files had been lost or were not available in a digital form. The newsletter was titled “Sega DTS Developer News” until Volume 3, Number 5 or 6, when it was rebranded as “Developmental”, with “Sega Developer Technical Support Newsletter” as a subtitle. Note that the DTS materials primarily migrated online in 1997. Reconstructed partial archives of the DTS website, as well as the contents of DTS CDs, are provided in the software section.

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
Vol 2, No 2 [1994-10] DTS Newsletter - Vol 2, No 2 Sega Web description - “The Hardware Issue”. Focuses on 32x and Saturn development issues, with listings of 32x and Saturn tools and documentation. This issue was released about a month before the 32x and Saturn were released to consumers. Notably advertises that video tapes of the Saturn Developer’s Conference from May 1994 were made available to developers. The slides from this conference are provided in the system documentation section above.
Vol 3, No 1 [1995-01] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 1 Sega Web description - “Software Exchange”. Quickly recapps a “32XPOSED” 32X Developer’s Conference that was held on November 10 1994, and advertises an upcoming Sega DevCon ‘95 conference, scheduled for March 14-17, which was apparently the first international multi-platform developer conference Sega held, and was intended to be an annual event going forward. This edition only lists Saturn tools and documentation at the end of the newsletter.
Vol 3, No 2 [1995-06] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 2 Sega Web description - “Devcon ‘95 Wrap-Up”. Recap of DevCon 95, and an assortment of information covering the Mega Drive (Genesis), 32x, and Saturn.
Vol 3, No 4 [1995-09] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 4 Sega Web description - “Focus on the Creative Support Group”. A short issue with info split between the 32x and Saturn. Gives some info on the structure of the Sega DTS BBS.
Vol 3, No 5 DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 5 (Missing) Sega This issue would have existed, but was missing from the DTS website archives for unknown reasons. The content of this newsletter is unknown.
Vol 3, No 6 [1996-04] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 6 Sega Web description - “DevCon ‘96 Wrap-Up: now the fun begins”. This issue uses the new “Developmental” branding, and now describes itself as a “monthly” newsletter. Contains a recap of DevCon 96, which was focused on the Saturn. Also announced is a migration away from the BBS for sharing developer tools and information, in favour of a website and FTP instead. The Q&A section on page 3 indicates Sega had also transitioned away from providing physical paper documentation at this point in favour of digital files, although paper versions could still be provided on request for a fee. Absent from this newsletter is any reference to the 32x, with Sega having announced it was discontinuing the system around this time. The March 96 DTS CD is mentioned, which was distributed during DevCon 96.
Vol 3, No 7 [1996-05] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 7 Sega Web description - “Promised and Delivered: DTS WWW”. Update on Saturn tools and documentation, with advertising on a presense at the upcoming E3 convention. The May 96 DTS CD, and upcoming June 96 DTS CD are both mentioned here.
Vol 3, No 8 [1996-07] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 8 Sega Web description - “The DTS WWW Companion”. Contains a large listing of Saturn tools and software. Also advertises the upcoming November 96 DTS CD. Notably, now describes itself as a “bi-monthly” newsletter.
Vol 3, No 9 [1996-11] DTS Newsletter - Vol 3, No 9 Sega Web description - “1996’s Best Known A-BUGS”. Advertises the DTS website, describing it as “less than four months old”, and mentioning that all (Saturn) tech bulletins are now available on the site (the list of which is given in the newsletter). Also mentions that faxes are a thing of the past and increasingly updates will be sent via email only.
Vol 4, No 1 [1997-02] DTS Newsletter - Vol 4, No 1 Sega Web description - “Sega Tops Holiday, Yearly Sales Predictions, CodeScape: The powerful new debugging tool from Cross Products, Best Known A-BUGS - Part 2, Spotlight: EDTS Exposed”. Based on the content of, it appears this was the last issue of the DTS newsletter, with the website itself and email lists likely replacing it going forward.

Service Manuals

   Date/Code                         Document                      Author Description
013-01 (1995-06) Sega Service Manual - Sega Saturn (PAL) Sega
Alternate VersionsSega Service Manual - Sega Saturn (PAL) - [013-01] (1995-06) - Part 1 of 2 (A4) [PDF][TIFF]
Sega Service Manual - Sega Saturn (PAL) - [013-01] (1995-06) - Part 2 of 2 (A3) [PDF][TIFF]
  Sega Service Manual - Sega Saturn VA-13 (PAL) (Partial)   The origins of this document are unclear. It contains are a block diagram and 12 pages of schematics covering the VA-13 model of the Sega Saturn, which are official and would have been created by Sega, however the reference information has been modified, referring instead to Two additional pages of smaller schematics are included at the end which may be unofficial, or taken from another document. It is suspected these files were taken from a service manual, most likely from Brazil, but that’s not certain at this point.